A Supportive Online Program for practitioners, healers, and helpers.

Are you ready to go from stressed and burned out to feeling connected in your body, mind, and spirit?

Yes, I am ready

This program is right for you if you...

Take care of others but not yourself
Are feeling burnt out
Lost joy in your work
Have difficulty being present in your life
Are dealing with overwhelmed
Feel disconnected from your life

You don't have to suffer to live in your purpose

Are you tired of...

Neglecting and engaging in activities that bring you joy
Spending too much time doing mindless and numbing activities
Dreading waking up to go to work that you used to love
Having trouble staying connected with your loved ones
Struggling to keep up with both work and home
Lacking energy to do daily life

Did you know...

• Burnout happened to 52% of all helping professions prior to the pandemic.
• Women are more likely to neglect their needs because of the roles they take on.
• 60% of helping professionals do not seek help even when they know they need it.
• High levels of stress lead to poor health and poor mental health.

Imagine what it will feel like when...

You prioritize your happiness so you can help others
You engage in activities that energize you
You wake up ready to go make a difference in the world
Rediscover your values and pleasures
You overcome and heal to become a healthier version of yourself
Feel connected to your body, mind, and spirit
Yes! I Want to be vitalized
Edith standing on dock by water and a forest
Edith Arias
Wellness practitioner and LCSW
Hola, I'm Edith!
I created this space because you deserve to be taking care of. I want to support you along your journey. This is the space that I wished for as I was entering community spaces, creating community and working in my purpose. I want you to know that I was there. My journey to healing started after I became a therapist. I’ve had wellness practice at a young age but learned about the importance of maintaining a practice when I had my gallbladder removed. Through this experience, I learned that it wasn’t my gallbladder that was the issue. It was the stress that led to my organ shutting down. 

This is what leads to remembering the importance of caring for myself. I began listening to my body, and discerning what wasn’t serving me anymore. What helped me through it all was my wellness practices. I started saying yes to myself, my joy which guides me in my life and purpose. This is what continues to support me in my healing, growth, and all that I envision in my life.

Join the Vitalize program for...

Guided Practices for movement, meditation and yoga.
Practices that are easy to support you in all areas of life.
Accountability to show up for yourself so you can show up for those you care for.
• Movement practices to move your body and relax your mind
• Self care practices
• Customized rituals to start connecting with the cycles of the earth
• Replays available for all sessions
• Community platform to stay connected


Wheel of Life Training ($79 value)
This is a tool to track your progress on a monthly basis. It covers the following areas:
• Self
• Eating practices
• Movement
• Stress Mastery
• Relationships
• Abundance
• Work Life Balance
• Play
• Environment
• Purpose
• Spirituality
• Community
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