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Cultivate healing self-care 
& wellness practices

Start saying yes to yourself, 
your joys, your healing, 
and your growth. 

Calling all
Who are ready to be supported, connect to your wellness practices, and discover what it is to take care of yourself.

About Edith

A wellness practitioner, yoga & mindfulness teacher, licensed clinical social worker, and life wellness coach. My lifelong passion is to bring wellness practices into our communities. With an equal commitment to support the helpers, educators, leaders, and healers.

I provide individual therapy and wellness coaching. Guiding yoga and mindfulness classes to all ages and all bodies. As a wellness practitioner, I understand the challenges we face on this journey as an agent of change. I believe we all deserve a space where we are supported and taken care of.


Individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults with a strength-based, community-oriented, and trauma-aware lens.

Wellness Coaching

A holistic whole-person perspective towards overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Vitalize Wellness Program

A supportive coaching program for practitioners, healers, and helpers.

Collective Wellness

Guided sessions sharing mindfulness, yoga, and workshops.


Yoga Class

Thank You Edith!!! You gave me the space to take it easy and have steadiness in my day.


Therapy Client

Everything changed when I met Edith. For once in my life I felt heard, understood, and not judged. I seriously recommend Edith as a therapist to anyone who needs help with mental health and wants to learn more about holistic healing practices.


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