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Collective Wellness

A holistic approach and whole-person perspective. Utilizing mindful mind and body connection, wellness life coaching, and therapeutic interventions.


This is a stress reduction and relaxation practice


Guided relaxation and gentle movement practice for everybody and any experience


Well-being in both body and mind, combining life coaching, holistic perspective, and therapeutic tools

Bringing Wellness Programing

Interested in a wellness session or workshop. Find out more here to have this programming in your organization and community.

Let's work together

About Edith

Edith Arias is a wellness practitioner. She is dedicated to bringing wellness to the community and individuals in a preventative, healing, and fun way. She is a yoga teacher, wellness coach, and therapist working with children and families for over 15 years. She enjoys sharing yoga with kids, teens, and families with lightheartedness and playfulness.

Give Back

Grow Wellness Practice finds joy in generosity. Donate to collective wellness programming which allows for services in the community. Each year we provide low-cost workshops and classes.

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Yoga Mindfulness Meditation

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Community Wellness


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