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Immigration Evaluation Services

As a Trauma-Informed, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I Specialize in Comprehensive Immigration Psychological Evaluations for Adults and Children, Supporting U.S. Immigration Cases.

Bilingual Services Available in English and Spanish

About Our Services

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and experienced Mental Health Therapist, I bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the migrant and immigrant community. My services are grounded in trauma-informed and trauma-aware practices, ensuring sensitive and comprehensive evaluations for each individual.

We offer a wide range of immigration evaluation services tailored to support the complex needs of adults and children navigating the U.S. immigration system. We provide assistance in various immigration cases, including asylum evaluation, U-Visa, T-Visa, VAWA, and extreme hardship and hardship waiver assessments.

Our services involve conducting clinical psychological assessments and in-depth interviews that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of immigrants. We proceed to provide a comprehensive and personalized written report that provides the mental health findings that are essential for immigration cases.

Our approach is thorough, compassionate, and informed by the latest practices in psychological evaluation. Our unwavering commitment is to offer respectful, empathetic, and expert evaluations that significantly contribute to each client's immigration journey. We are dedicated to supporting the individuals we assess and ensuring that they are supported throughout the evaluation process. We invite you to experience the profound care and expert guidance that Grow Wellness Practice offers.

Hola, I'm Edith

With a compassionate heart and a clinical mind, I serve as a beacon of support in the migrant and immigrant communities. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and seasoned therapist, I bring a unique blend of advocacy, therapeutic expertise, and a holistic approach to my immigration evaluation services.

My journey in advocacy has been marked by a deep commitment to the welfare of migrants and immigrants, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights are upheld. My qualifications extend beyond licensure; they are enriched by years of hands-on experience addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by those during complex immigration processes.

In my practice, I employ a comprehensive toolkit that includes therapeutic skills, mindfulness practices, and an awareness of trauma's impact. This trauma-informed approach ensures that each evaluation and report is thorough and empathetic to everyone’s experience.

Through Grow Wellness Practice, I am dedicated to bringing a heightened level of care and expertise to the field of immigration psychological evaluations, supporting clients as they navigate their immigration journey.

Our Comprehensive Evaluation Fees

Service Areas:

Serving clients in the Bay, Los Angeles, and across California.

Including in Our Services:

Personalized and trauma-informed psychological assessment. Collaborative approach. Evaluations for adults and children. Culturally sensitive and empathetic service.

Payment Terms:

Payment plans are available to accommodate client needs. All fees are due prior to the release of the final report.

Immigration Evaluation

$ 650 .00

Standard for a variety of immigration cases

Hardship Evaluations

$ 800 .00

I-601 & I-601a Waiver, Cancellation of Removal

Expedited Evaluation

$ 100 .00

Additional fee for requiring a quick turnaround

Connect With Us

Your journey through the immigration process deserves the highest standard of care and expertise. At Grow Wellness Practice, we are committed to providing you with exceptional psychological assessment services that meet your unique needs.

For direct inquiries or more information:

Tel: 323.538.0230 [email protected]

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