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Hola! I'm Edith

A radical healer, wellness practitioner, & activist dedicated to cultivating healing, self-care, and wellness practices.

I am passionate about creating collective healing through community and individual well-being.

Through therapy & coaching, the practice of yoga, and mindfulness, I’ve helped people towards healing and growth. My holistic perspective, trauma-informed, & community-centered approach continues to alleviate the mind, body, and spirit of the individuals and communities I support.

"When we learn to connect to our well-being, we can then contribute to others. As a wellness practitioner, I aim to guide people to care for themselves while respecting their personal practice."

My Story

I am a Latinx NY-born Salvadorian raised in Southeast Los Angeles. I am a first-generation college graduate with Salvadorian immigrant parents. I became a certified yoga teacher from a community-focused yoga studio in East Los Angeles that is committed to creating accessible health and wellness spaces in the community. I am a certified wellness life coach through Lumia (JRNI). I’m the co-founder of Semillas Wellness, an organization focused on providing wellness through expression, education, and culture a community organization for the Southeast Los Angeles area.

I found growth in my personal practice of healing and wellness through the teachings and guidance that I share. I’ve had lifelong wellness practices that I learned in my upbringing that have supported my healing and growth. My activism for my community started with my family and in the neighborhood, I grew up in Southeast LA. I saw the limitations of wellness practices within the underserved community and the impact of burnout on those individuals serving. As I grew as a therapist and social worker I witnessed the struggle we face in serving our communities. I took the theories, and education and learned how to apply them to healing. My healing started after becoming a therapist. I am creating the spaces I wished I would’ve encountered when I started my path to be a community agent of change. I’ve been inspired and empowered and that guides my passion for growth. I believe in the ongoing journey of healing and growth, but I understand that there are ebbs and flows that take place to create a life of well-being. My practice blends healing practices that I’ve cultivated as a wellness practice.

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